The Benefits of Online Leasing and Digital Signatures
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The Benefits of Online Leasing and Digital Signatures

Date Written: 04/05/2022

Last Updated: 10/31/2023


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The Benefits of Online Leasing and Digital Signatures

Property management software is used to streamline the lease process and make it easier than ever for things to get done online. With digital leasing and online signatures, the computer does all the heavy lifting, allowing you to focus on what matters most: running your property and interacting with residents.

Regardless of how big or small your rental business is, you deserve the security and convenience that online leasing offers.

Below, we’ve provided the benefits you can gain when you integrate lease digitalization into your apartment community using ExactEstate.

Save Time & Cost

Traditional lease signing is a lengthy practice. It’s a cumbersome process that can take days to complete. Not to mention the fact that there's a good chance you'll misplace the lease document or damage it in some way during transit.

With our online lease management software, you can create and send your contracts directly to your tenants, who can sign them digitally. You’ll get a notification once completed, and you can download the document and archive it instantly — no matter where you are. The whole process eliminates the time and cost associated with paper leases.

Fill Vacancies Faster

Why not have your tenants sign their leasing agreements online? If a potential tenant thinks of you as outdated, they'll be more likely to go with a competitor that has made an effort to remain technologically current. It’s because they’re looking for hassle-free and convenient options to sign their lease.

Apartment online leasing will allow you to get leases signed faster, which enables you to get tenants occupied in available units faster. This simplifies and expedites the lease process while providing you with everything you need directly on your dashboard. Besides, online leasing frees up more of your time to focus on what matters most — filling vacancies and focusing on resident retention.

Avoiding Pen-and-Paper Errors

Correcting errors doesn’t have to be a chore when you go the digital leasing route. With online leasing, the e-signature platform’s built-in intelligence ensures that all required fields are filled in before any documents can be submitted. That way, you can avoid common typing or signature mistakes. Plus, you get an electronic record of your lease agreement that you can access at any time from any computer. It’s a simple way to keep your documents safe and organized.

Safety, Security, & Peace of Mind

Through the use of our cloud-based platform, you can store your leases and templates securely, perform actions like emailing signers, previewing a digital lease in progress, highlight important sections, and create custom fields to tailor them to your specific business needs.

ExactEstate’s easy-to-use interface, for example, allows you to send draft leases, reminders, notices of contingencies in progress, and more directly to your tenants. Also, our real-time audit trail ensures that changes made by either party remain transparent throughout the process, and all of the information is encrypted to help protect the privacy of all signing parties.

Tenant Retention

How can online leasing improve tenant retention? Landlords can now take advantage of automated renewals for existing tenants, which streamlines the entire process and ensures more timely leases.

When creating a renewal lease, you only need to make a few simple changes such as term dates, fees, and other qualifying information. Everything is automated, and tenants can renew from the comfort of their own homes using their preferred device. Online apartment leasing and the ability to capture digital signatures makes it easy for residents to renew their leases by streamlining the entire renewal process.

Easily Accessible Documents

Using an online platform like ExactEstate to manage your rental property empowers you to make the process automated. You can customize your template in the system, store it in the cloud storage, send it to tenants for digital signing, and archive it automatically once complete. By maintaining a single document in a central location, landlords and tenants can have quick and easy access to their lease contracts. Overall, digital leasing delivers a convenient and cost-effective way to keep legal documents organized and easily accessible.

Shift to Digital Leasing

Overall, online leasing definitely has its perks. It saves you time from going through an endless amount of paper and keys, allowing you to organize your tenants more simply. All you need is our easy-to-use property management software, and you’ll be on your way to saving time and money and building profitable relationships with your tenants.

Now that you have an idea of what online leasing entails, it should be clear why you should switch to digital leasing with ExactEstate. You and your tenants will be glad you did. ExactEstate has fully integrated features like e-sign that make the process doable. The best part is that we offer unlimited online leasing and digital signatures to landlords and managers for FREE along with our simple subscription costs.

Sign up for a free demo of ExactEstate today and see how this property management software can work for you.

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