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Who We Are

In the world of property management software, you've got a lot of choices. Too many choices. And yet none seem to be the perfect fit.

Maybe the software doesn't do everything you need it to. Or maybe it does more than you need it to. Or you end up paying a fortune in hidden fees, confusing tiers, and functionality upgrades. Or the platform isn't intuitive and team onboarding feels more like boarding a plane. Not with ExactEstate -- We have simple pricing, and we were built for property management professionals, by property management professionals.

We get it. ExactEstate was born out of those same frustrations. Founder and Chief Engineer, Matt Hoskins, started in property management. He spent years trying to make the most of software already on the market, then took matters into his own hands and created ExactEstate. A solution developed by a real human with real experience managing real properties. Imagine that!

But this wasn't created overnight. We've spent 3+ years designing and refining the first property management software of its kind – designed to give you exactly what you need to manage properties with ease, supercharge your efficiency, and save you money, all while reducing headaches and frustrations. It's the right-sized software for every portfolio.

At the same time, we're here to be your partner in the process: answering questions, training team members, and working to solve your business challenges.

You shouldn't despise your property management software. ExactEstate exists to make your and your employees' lives easier, not harder whether you are in Affordable Housing, Multifamily Housing, or Single-Family Housing.

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