Property Management Software by ExactEstate®

Enhance Real Estate Operations with ExactEstate's Advanced Property Management System

Customized Dashboard

Experience a New Level of Support through Customization

Discover the power of ExactEstate's customizable software tailored to your property management support needs. Take control and personalize aspects like styling, system settings, user access, and reporting to align with your unique goals. Unlike off-the-shelf options, ExactEstate prioritizes customization without the hefty price tag. Enjoy increased ROI with personalized solutions that enhance productivity and drive employee motivation. Our software will empower your team to manage tasks with a system supporting their job requirements efficiently.

ExactEstate Property Management Software

Detailed Reporting

Dynamic Reporting through Property Management Software

Effortlessly customize and export reports in ExactEstate with features like column hiding and filters. Access 40+ predefined detailed reports, including automatic Daily Reports, Rent Roll, Work Orders, Late Fees, and more to save time on manual data compilation. For quick insights, benefit from real-time data updates, group reporting, and personalized dashboards. Enjoy automated daily reports sent to selected email lists, saving time and ensuring consistent data visibility. Export data seamlessly into Excel, PDF, or CSV formats as needed.

Visualize Your Report Data and See Automated Information

Easily track your prospects, appointments, and pending applications visually in ExactEstate’s property management software. Each team member can customize their dashboard to monitor critical data, which ensures key people stay updated with a daily automated report sent to a chosen email list.


  • Keep important information readily accessible on your homepage for quick reference.
  • View data on a desktop or mobile device.
  • Have critical data sent without spending time and energy pulling the report.
  • Control who receives the report through an easy-to-use interface.

Maintenance and Facilities

A Streamlined Work Order Management System

ExactEstate's property management software includes a customizable work order system that is modern and allows you to set up categories, locations, and required items tailored to your properties, aiming to save time and reduce headaches for both you and your residents. Beyond just creating work orders, ExactEstate assists in managing your inventory and purchase orders, providing a comprehensive approach to property maintenance. Enjoy easy creation, tracking, and closure of work orders with our user-friendly system.

Benefits of ExactEstate's Maintenance and Facilities

  • Manage your properties effectively with work orders set up to your exact specifications.
  • Designate whether work order locations, categories, and inventory items should only be shown to residents or to staff.
  • Ensure the highest priority issues are always resolved first by assigning different urgency statuses to work order items.
  • Completely mobile friendly, your staff and residents can submit work orders wherever they are.
  • Generate and print detailed work order forms with a single click.
  • Keep the team informed with work order statuses, letting you know if you are waiting for inventory or if an order has been canceled.
Marketing Integration

Marketing Integration

Property Management meets Marketing Integration

Make ExactEstate your go-to property management software and comprehensive hub for lead management. Partnering with RentPath and leveraging Apartments.com, we provide a secure unified platform to conveniently store and organize your leads.


  • You are viewing leads from all sources in one central location.
  • Robust data tables for filtering, sorting, and exporting leads.
  • Seamless integration of leads from other sources with our quick web leads setup in under five minutes.

Our API-based web lead tracking allows easy integration into any online form, ensuring:

  • Simple setup with easy-to-follow instructions.
  • Time-saving lead management, allowing more focus on lead conversion.
  • Track your web leads through ExactEstate's customizable dashboard.

Custom Website Design and Hosting

Tailored Design and Seamless Hosting Solutions for Your Success

Don't underestimate the importance of a website—it's easier to obtain than you might think! Regarding website design, coding, designing, and hosting can be overwhelming. ExactEstate simplifies this process, offering expertly designed websites that excel in organic searches. Our property marketing websites are tailored for convenience, speed, and accessibility, ensuring optimal results.

Forget the headaches of complicated website hosting—we provide straightforward solutions for seamless integration with your property management software. With ExactEstate, managing your online presence and property information becomes a walk in the park..

How Does Our Web Hosting Work?

With ExactEstate, we secure your server location in our cloud-based environment and handle all the complexities of running your server and serving your website for you. We will create and manage a fully integrated website tied into your client databases inside ExactEstate so all your information is connected securely and readily available at the tips of your fingers.

Website Design
Appointment Scheduler

Appointment Scheduler

Schedule Appointments For Prospects with a Click of a Button

Say goodbye to chaotic scheduling and accidental double bookings. Efficient appointment scheduling is crucial for operational ease and property management support. We've streamlined the process to make setting up and tracking appointments effortlessly. Whether you prefer a table or calendar view, we offer multiple options to display your upcoming appointments so you can always stay on track and ensure your location is getting the online application submissions it needs.


  • Keeps your team up-to-date on all appointments.
  • Visualize a property's appointments with a single glance at the appointment calendar.
  • Keep track of no-shows, cancellations, and closed appointments to stay informed.
  • Duplicate your appointments into your calendar in a single click with easy integration to Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook Calendar.

Automated Reminders

Optimize Property Management Support with Automated Reminders

Reduce the time spent managing and organizing your schedule and focus more on your business priorities. Property managers juggle numerous responsibilities, and critical tasks can be overlooked without effective planning. In ExactEstate, every user can easily set customizable time-based personal reminders with just a few clicks. This ensures that the essential information is right in front of you when you need it.


  • Never miss a deadline to stay on top of important commitments.
  • Access your reminders on the go with ExactEstate's mobile-friendly design.
  • Keep your workflow fast and efficient with a simple, easy-to-use interface.
  • Ensure day-to-day tasks are completed on time.
Automated Reminders
Task Management

Task Management

Organize Your Team's Workflow With Tasks

Maximize productivity and stay focused on your residents by streamlining tasks with ExactEstate's Task Feature. Assign and track tasks efficiently at your apartment community or property, minimizing distractions like emails and calls. Keep your team synchronized and ensure no important tasks slip through the cracks with ExactEstate's user-friendly task system.


  • Assign and prioritize tasks, create reminders, and add comments all at a glance.
  • Write comments directly on the task to keep information in one location.
  • Manage the work you and your team need to complete it how you want.

User Permission Control

Upgrade User Permission with Precision and Control

Tailor your system effortlessly with ExactEstate's Custom Group Permissions. Find the perfect balance between collaboration and control, ensuring the security of your company's data. Create and assign Custom User Groups with a few clicks, streamlining permissions for maintenance, security, or any other role. Forget the complexity of individual user management as you manage permissions by job function. But when precision is needed, grant special permissions to individual users with a simple click. ExactEstate empowers you to shape your system for a stress-free and customized business environment.

User Permission Control