Customizable Multifamily Property Management Software Solutions

Simplified Multifamily Property Management Software Solutions

Many families prefer the amenities and maintenance-free lifestyle of a rental apartment. Whether you manage a suburban low rise or an urban high rise, ExactEstate offers the tools you need to create a custom multifamily property management software.

Application Screening
Application Screening

Quick Application Process

Most potential tenants are driven by deadlines. Either their existing lease is ending, or they need to start a new job or meet school deadlines. ExactEstate gets this. Its multifamily property management software streamlines the online application process. Tenants can apply online from any location, any time. You can even load the ExactEstate multifamily property management software onto a kiosk in your lobby. Once the application is approved, assigning a pre-lease and move-in date is fast and easy. One, two, three, done.

Online Tenant Screening

Tenant screening is the simplest way to avoid the risk of expensive evictions and property damage. With ExactEstate's built-in Tenant Screening, you can get an easy-to-read credit and background check in less than 5 seconds.

ExactEstate's tenant screening is powered by TenantAlert, which requires no setup fees, monthly fees, or minimum orders. Welcome high-quality tenants; send rejection letters to low-quality tenants. Tenant Screening: Done.

Online Tenant Screening
Property Reporting

Reporting - Rent Roll

For every unit, a rent roll report shows whether a unit is occupied, the tenant name, the tenant's security deposit, the length of the tenancy, and the date the current lease expires. Taken together, this report helps to determine net profit, a critical KPI for property managers, owners, and investors.

The rent roll report is one of 40+ predefined reports provided with ExactEstate. Property managers can customize each report in minutes. In addition, individuals can personalize the reports to meet their work goals.

All reports are based on live data, meaning no more waiting for weeks to get updates. With ExactEstate, the reports show the timely data you need to make decisions now. Determining net profit for the year? No problem.

"Payment processing [with] other software would usually take three to five days to hit our bank account. With ExactEstate they're usually in the bank account within 20 to 48 hours. So it is a huge difference with payment processing."

Becky Howell - President of Management | NuRock Companies

All The Features You Need To Succeed With Managing Your Single-Family Properties

You have access to all of these features right from the start.

Automatic Rent Generation

Seamlessly gather rental payments from residents using our Online Payment System.

Detailed Reporting

With 40+ detailed reports, from Rent Roll to AME Reports, ExactEstate has you covered!

Document Library

Save time by creating custom templates and housing files all in one place.

Customizable Dashboard

Visualize your data with a completely customizable dashboard

Advanced Searching

Search through applicants, residents, e-mail, phone number, virtually any data you have.

Automated Tasks

Never worry if late fees are being applied or if your staff is receiving crucial reports

Frequent Updates

We are always working to improve and streamline processes.

Property Marketing

Keep track of marketing leads and prospects.

Technical Support

Our team cares deeply about your success - we guarantee timely responses and world-class support.

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