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Easy Marketing Integrations with ExactEstate

Having a good website is not given as much importance as it should be. Many don't know that getting access to one is a lot easier than you might think. When people think of website design and creation, they think of the stress and hassle of coding and designing everything so things look nice on the web, but then you also must worry about hosting your new website on a server so the world can see it. Property management can also be tiresome when your website cannot oversee and store information properly. You need full integration with your property management software and the online presence of your properties.

ExactEstate offers just that! We offer you expertly designed websites that deliver the best organic searches for numerous search engines! Property marketing websites built for convenience, speed, and accessibility get the desired results.

We take your complicated website hosting problems and give you simple solutions, without any headaches!

What is Web Hosting?

When you have a website that is ready to be published, you must secure a location on a server to host the created website. This server, ‘serves' your website files and produces the output that the end-user sees in their browser.

Website Design

How Does Our Web Hosting Work?

With ExactEstate, we secure your server location in our cloud-based environment and handle all the complexities of running your server and serving your website for you. We will create a fully integrated website that is tied into your client databases inside of ExactEstate so all of your information is connected and readily available at the tips of your fingers.

What about Web Design and Web Creation?

In order to fully integrate your website with ExactEstate, we will have our expert development team create a custom design or mimic your current website design, the choice is up to you!

Our development times are very quick, you won't be waiting for months to view a finished product. Let ExactEstate provide you with the websites you have been waiting for.

Website Design and Creation

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