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Accounting Process

Accounting Processes: Real-time or Batch Based

At ExactEstate, we offer two accounting process options, real-time and batch based. Our accounting system, regardless of the process, allows you to track vendors, store transactions, and create checks to send payments only with simple button clicks. Our intuitive interface gives you the big picture of the company’s financial standing enabling you to report across the company’s chart of accounts throughout any type of portfolio you have; for example, Affordable Housing, Multifamily Housing, or Single-Family Housing.

Real-Time and Customized Reporting at Your Fingertips

At ExactEstate, we don't just handle accounting; we've elevated it to a dynamic experience. Choose between our pre-built reports or create your own custom reports using ExactEstate's report builder that allows you to group your Master Chart of Accounts into customized reportable Account Trees.

Our standard reports encompass a wide range of needs, including Rent Roll, T-12, Late Fees, Vendor Ledgers, Trial Balance, and more.

Customized Reporting

Reports You Can Count On!

Rent Roll

Get detailed information about your properties, leases, and tenants with our Rent Roll Reports.

Bank Deposit Summary

Take a look at detailed bank deposit reports with the option to explore the specifics of each account.

Vendor Ledgers

Examine all transactions for each vendor and filter by date, account, and batch number.

Cash Flow Statement

View a summary of how cash is used and generated over a specific period of time.

Balance Sheet

View a snapshot of your financial position at any specific point in time.


View financial performance over the past year, which can be useful for assessing recent financial health.

Delinquent and Prepaid

A seamless way to keep track of those who are paid up or past due.

Late Fees

Get insight into current late fees and detailed data on how often a unit has been delinquent.

AP Aging

Track your AP and examine a summary of outstanding invoices or payables by due date.

Trial Balance

Check records by listing all the general ledger accounts and their respective debit or credit balances.

Income Statement

A profit and loss statement or statement of earnings, is a key financial statement used to summarize revenues, costs, and expenses.

YTD Budget to Actuals

Compare between the Year-to-Date performance based on budgeted figures and actual financial results.

Invoice Processing

Online Payment and Invoice Processing

Our Accounting Solutions Save You Time

ExactEstate gives you complete control of your online payments and invoice processing function.

  • Streamlined & Accurate: Maintain a complete and consistent General Ledger with simplified invoice processing and payment management.
  • Visibility & Control: Submit invoices, manage approvals, and track payments effortlessly. All financial data centralized for clear control.
  • Reduced Costs & Increased Efficiency: Eliminate manual data entry and redundant requests with integrated electronic invoice processing.
  • Seamless Integration: Connect directly to QuickBooks Online for effortless data sync and streamlined accounting workflows.


Empowered through Strategic Budgeting Solutions

The accounting module's budgeting functionality in ExactEstate empowers property owners and managers to efficiently plan, track, and manage finances.

It covers budget creation, expense categorization aligned with a client's master chart of accounts, income projection, variance analysis (actuals vs projected budgets), historical tracking, and reporting (e.g., income statements, ytd budget vs actuals). The custom reports can be generated to showcase budget actuals for a specific period.

Additionally, users can track every transaction in real-time and automate tasks to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Document Management