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The Accounting Suite from ExactEstate is fully integrated with system operations so you always have complete visibility of your bottom-line.

Unifying Financial Accounting and Property Management

At ExactEstate, we recognize the importance of having a strong online presence in real estate and understand the benefits that property management accounting software can provide to your business. Our software allows you to efficiently manage your property listings and maintain real-time updates, enhancing your online presence and providing your clients with a smooth and streamlined experience when searching for their next property.

We understand the significance of having the proper tools to manage your properties effectively. Integrating ExactEstate’s property management accounting software into your operations can be a game-changer. This solution unifies financial accounting and property management features into a single, streamlined system, so you can efficiently manage all aspects of your business.

With this accounting software for apartments, you can efficiently track expenses, generate invoices, and monitor the revenue your properties generate. You can make informed decisions with real data. The property management feature of the software enables you to track all of your properties in one central location and also includes reports that consolidate important information about your business.


Streamline Your Accounting Processes

Track vendors, store transactions, and create checks to send payments only with simple button clicks. Streamline your accounting processes and get the big picture of the company’s financial standing with an intuitive interface that enables thorough system-wide reporting across the company’s chart of accounts.

Because the system is entirely cloud-based, you can access the accounting software anywhere. With secure remote access capabilities, you can work from home or on the go and fully control your business finances.

Simplified Payment Management and Invoice Processing

Our General Ledger is accurate, consistent, and complete; ExactEstate can provide a comprehensive understanding and increased control of Accounts Payable. We offer simple payment management and invoice processing capabilities that allow you to submit invoices and manage approvals for better visibility and control over your essential financial processes and data. ExactEstate’s Accounts Payable module allows you to:

  • Submit invoices and manage approvals for better visibility and control over critical financial processes and data
  • Process invoices quickly and easily through easy-to-use tools to manage the entire process from start to finish
General Ledger, Vendors and Journals for Property Management Software

We streamline invoicing and payment tracking processes by centralizing all records, eliminating the need for manual data entry and repeated information requests. With the integration of electronic invoice processing into our client management system, you can reduce the associated costs and increase efficiency.

Reconciliation and Account Payable for Property Management Software

ExactEstate’s Property Management Software Helps You Maximize Your Profits

If you’re a property manager, having the right software is crucial. You need something that will help maximize your profits and reduce costs. ExactEstate’s property management accounting software helps you do both of these things by providing the following:

  • Timely information about all aspects of your business
  • The ability to track every transaction in real time so that nothing falls through the cracks
  • Automated tasks so you can be sure that you’re always on top of things

ExactEstate’s property management accounting software has been designed for easy and quick installation. It is an all-inclusive solution that provides landlords with a platform to manage their operations. This software is built with features that make it easy to overlook rent collection, accounting, and maintenance of assets.

Contact us today to book a demo and see how we can make your property management easier and better than ever!

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Integrated Financial Management With Quickbooks and ExactEstate

Quickbooks is a software program that integrates with ExactEstate to provide an easy way to manage your property accounting. Quickbooks allows you to track and manage all the financial aspects of the business, including:

Expenses: Track all expenditures for your properties in one place, regardless of whether they’re on or off-site. Easily export expenses for further analysis and reporting purposes.

Income: Quickbooks allows you to track revenue from each property and pay your employees, manage payroll taxes, and track time, making it especially helpful for working multiple properties with multiple teams.

Payroll: Quickbooks allows you to pay employees, manage payroll taxes, and track time from one place. This can be especially helpful if you have many properties with multiple teams working on them.

Invoicing: The invoicing feature lets you send invoices to clients in a single click and track when they are paid, helping you keep track of the money you make or lose over time.

Reporting: The user-friendly interface and the availability of various reports, such as profit and loss statements and balance sheets, make Quickbooks a valuable addition to property budgeting and management operations.

We understand the importance of having a robust and efficient system to manage your business’s financial aspects. That’s why we offer Quickbooks integration, which works seamlessly with ExactEstate to provide a comprehensive solution for property accounting management.

Benefits of Quickbooks Integrations

Although we have a full accounting suite capable of handling your operations, if you wish to continue using your Quickbooks subscription, ExactEstate’s property management accounting software can be integrated with Quickbooks very easily, which means you’ll be able to:

Download data directly into Quickbooks: You can get all of your financial information in one place, so you don’t have to keep track of two sets of books. This saves time and makes it easier for your accountant or bookkeeper to do their job.

Export data from Quickbooks into ExactEstate: Suppose there is information that needs updating on either system. In that case, this feature will ensure everything stays up-to-date without manual intervention from yourself or anyone else in your organization who regularly uses the system.

Run reports in ExactEstate: The reports are linked back up again via an import function if necessary. This allows users who want more profound insights into their specific areas while maintaining a high-level overview by pulling together everything in one place.

Reconciliation and Account Payable for Property Management Software
User Testimonial

I am able to filter the information on any report. I can click a few buttons and print that report. I don't have to worry about a bunch of information there that I don't need at that time. That’s a huge benefit for me.

Becky Howell

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