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Gain the upper hand in resident management. Automate tasks, boost communication with ExactEstate.

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Resident Portal

Communicate Easily With Residents

ExactEstate simplifies communication, offering various tools to stay in touch with residents. Tenants enjoy 24/7 access through our resident portal, where they can make payments, submit work orders, and stay updated on property happenings with advanced messaging features.

Our resident portal allows you to store communication records, and effortlessly send emails with just a click. Never lose track of a conversation again.

Growing Business With ExactEstate
Growing Business With ExactEstate

Resident Payments

Collect Rent Automatically

Timely rent payments are non-negotiable with resident auto-pay in ExactEstate. This easy-to-set-up feature automatically collects invoiced rent payments during rent generation, preventing residents from incurring late fees. ExactEstate recognizes the diversity of property management needs, allowing you to control critical features like online payments and late fee generation.

Also utilize ExactEstate's Real-Time Accounting Module to automatically push transactions to the proper accounts in the General Ledger.

Online Leasing

Increase Efficiency with Online Leasing

ExactEstate's online lease management streamlines the application, leasing and resident management process, allowing you to customize, create, and digitally send contracts to tenants for quick signatures. The signed documents are automatically stored in cloud storage, eliminating the time and cost associated with paper leases.

Opting for online leasing not only enhances efficiency but presents a modern and hassle-free option for tenants. The e-signature platform ensures accurate and complete submissions, providing an electronic record accessible from any computer. Simplify corrections and keep your documents safe and organized with ExactEstate's digital leasing solution.

Growing Business With ExactEstate
Growing Business With ExactEstate

Streamlined Applications

Streamline Applications with Security

ExactEstate provides a hassle-free solution for income certification, a streamlined online application process, efficient tenant screenings, and convenient cloud storage for application documents. With benefits like centralized tenant income certification (TIC) information, easy form exports, and a streamlined online application process, we guarantee increased efficiency.

The online application workflow offers a paperless experience, allowing prospects to submit data directly or through a secure link. Automated validation ensures accuracy, especially with critical data like Social Security Numbers, while cloud storage for application documents promises easy access, convenience, and data security.

Tenant Screening

Tenant Screening That Works

Have peace of mind by thoroughly screening tenants with ExactEstate's online tenant screening. Partnered with TenantAlert, we provide quick credit reports from TransUnion, Experian, or Equifax, along with nationwide checks on criminal and eviction records. The process is automated, enabling you to submit screening requests in seconds. A free online rental application is included with every report. There are no setup, monthly fees or minium orders required. Fill vacancies faster and convert high-quality leads into residents with a click.

We offer Tenant Screening for any portfolio type, whether you are in Affordable Housing, Multifamily Housing, or Single-Family Housing.

Why Choose ExactEstate

Growing Business With ExactEstate
Growing Business With ExactEstate

Resident Notifications

Simplify Communication with Tenants.

Keeping up communications isn't always easy. That's why ExactEstate comes with a plethora of ways to keep in contact with your residents to help you never lose track of a conversation again.

Quickly determine if residents have seen your notifications through an associated Resident Portal. ExactEstate stores copies of all receipts, emails, and notifications sent through the system, allowing staff to keep track of communications easily.

Send email notifications to any resident at the property with the click of a button.

Violation Tracking

Effective Monitoring and Tracking of Violations

With our violation tracking feature, you can log, and monitor, update and track unit violations all online through our system. Your files are securely stored and backed up in the cloud, eliminating the need for manual, time-consuming logs.

Our system allows you to inform residents of their violations easily by having the violation information automatically uploaded into the resident portal, reducing the overhead of storing paper documents. Upgrade your business strategy with ExactEstate's online violation tracking — where transparency, accuracy, and efficiency converge for optimal results.

Why Choose ExactEstate
Growing Business With ExactEstate
Growing Business With ExactEstate

Document Management

Stay Organized and Secure with Digital Files

ExactEstate simplifies file storage for residents, past and present, at any property. Our document management feature allows you to streamline tracking applications, leases, contracts, and agreements, minimizing manual handling costs and the risk of lost or damaged files.

Rest easy during the application process by securely managing files in ExactEstate, ensuring unauthorized access is prevented. Additionally, leverage the document builder for custom documents like marketing materials, notifications, and late notices, all within the user-friendly ExactEstate software.

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