Why ExactEstate?

The best property management software doesn't have to cause you a headache!


Why ExactEstate?

Partners in Your Success

Attract more customers with capable employees, efficient operations, and lower costs. ExactEstate's customizable property management software helps you offer management services that staff, residents, and owners will love.

Residents and owners will notice something different about properties managed with ExactEstate. Using our customizable platform, your team keeps costs low while offering efficient, responsive service that stands out. It doesn't matter what type of portfolio you have; Affordable Housing, Multifamily Housing, or Single-Family Housing -- We have you covered!

Tailored Property Management Solutions

ExactEstate offers advanced property customization, enabling you to set custom rules for each property. With an easy—to—use interface, it only takes minutes to onboard a community to your exact specifications.

Manage properties your way with ExactEstate!

Customizations for Property Management

  • Set and create price designations
  • Generate Custom Denial Letters
  • Customize reports for staff
  • Define your inspection locations
Customize Property
Online Payment Customization for Property Management

Customizable Payment Options for Ease and Flexibility

ExactEstate comes with fine-tuned controls for setting payment operations to work as you need. Simple and easy to use, take advantage of ExactEstate's payment customizations as soon as you sign up.

Customizations for Online Payments

  • Set online and onsite surcharge rates
  • Automatically keep or waive balances after move-out
  • Setup max late fee amounts
  • Setup custom transaction codes for efficient accounting and reporting

Simple Pricing Structure

There are no hidden fees, up-charges, or premium plans. Every benefit is included when you sign up for ExactEstate.

Tailor Work Flows to Fit Your Team

There is not a one-size-fits-all workflow for every team. This is why ExactEstate is built with customization in mind, so your particular team's needs can always be met.

ExactEstate comes with several tools to increase staff productivity. Whether you're creating your own user groups or creating staff forms for consistent communication, ExactEstate has you covered!

Sample of Customizations

  • Create forms to facilitate staff communication.
  • Design your user groups with permissions as needed.
  • Set access for users on a property level
  • Assign special permissions for certain staff
Custom User Groups and User Permissions
Staff Onboarding

No messy onboarding process

Migrating data between software can be a real pain – but it doesn't have to be. That's why the engineers at ExactEstate have streamlined the entire onboarding process.

Get Onboarded in Minutes!

  • ExactEstate engineers will help you through any pain points
  • Easy-to-use uploading system for migrating data
  • Your properties can be set up in less than a week and sometimes less than 24 hours.
  • Automated validation to ensure your data is accurate.

Reduce Costs with ExactEstate

There is nothing more costly than inefficient workflows or user mistakes. With custom workflows, modern data validation, and a detailed support page, rest assured that ExactEstate will save you time, energy, and money by streamlining workflows and reducing user error.

Benefits of ExactEstate

  • Reduce paper storage costs with online applications.
  • Automated validation ensures critical information, such as Social Security Numbers, are valid and accurate.
  • Permission-protected actions ensure the right staff is taking the right actions.
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use features ensure daily tasks are completed in a timely manner.
Save Money with ExactEstate

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