Tips for Attracting Ideal Residents in Affordable Housing
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Tips for Attracting Ideal Residents in Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing

Attracting residents is a priority for all property managers. Not only that but bringing in high-quality residents is essential to the longevity of any property.

Affordable housing law changes have provided more options to make it easy for tenants to apply. However, you need to know what to do to leverage the high volume of potential renters this year. Ultimately, you want to keep the best residents staying long-term, but you must prepare for them.

We utilized our software here at ExactEstate to gather tips for attracting quality residents to your property, drawing insights from consultations with successful managers of LIHTC and blended occupancy properties. Let’s look at each one by one:

Putting Mobile First

Visibility is one of the main factors in attracting residents to a home. Most of today’s population now browse for housing options on their phones. Residents may not necessarily have access to desktop computers, making mobile visibility a priority for your marketing. One of the ways you can do this is by implementing a responsive design for your mobile website as well as ads.

Responsive design adjusts seamlessly to any device and screen size, broadening your promotional reach to nearly all local users. By embracing strategies such as local targeting, you can further enhance your efforts to attract residents seeking affordable housing.

For example, you can use targeted display ads for people living in your vicinity. Advanced advertising technology enables the localized display of ads, effectively reaching individuals who are more inclined to reach out to you for inquiries.

Leverage Technology

There are many ways you can use technology to attract your ideal residents. The process begins when a lead sees your advertising or listing online. You’ll want to take advantage of their interest and turn that into a chance into a lease. Some of the ways you can do this include:

Screening Technology

Screening is all about going through applicants quickly and thoroughly. Many tenant screening tools today give you vital information about an applicant at a glance.

For example, you can get an idea of their credit history and score. There will also be details about past rentals, criminal histories, and more. From a single platform, you can accept or reject any applicants fast.

Virtual Showings

Virtual showings allow you to showcase what you offer without having to meet guests in person. You can schedule showings where you live stream and present a a property, and answer any questions. People are also highly interested in 3D tours of a location. Viewing these online saves them time and allows them to gain insight into what you’re offering.

Marketing Software

Marketing software enables you to oversee all active campaigns and guarantees your presence on all pertinent platforms. Having a single platform for communication management simplifies your tasks. Moreover, top-tier residents often appreciate the technology's simplicity and swift responses. The software also provides the capability to monitor activities, evaluate performance, and update listings more rapidly.

Online Applications

Be open to offering online applications because most prospective residents today prefer it. You’ll be able to widen the scope of potential tenants while having a single platform to manage all applications. A priority for this technology should be customizability and ease of use. You don’t want to make the application process difficult, as people may lose interest.

Creating a Remarkable First Impression Through Digital Experiences

Establishing the tone for your offerings and expectations can be accomplished through your digital services. For instance, featuring an information portal simplifies prospects' understanding of the value in your affordable housing. Including specific lease details and area information demonstrates your commitment to ensuring residents' comfort by providing comprehensive and easily accessible resources.

Digital tools are intuitive and save lots of time. People tend to seek faster communication through digital technology. It also pays to have things such as digital inspections and e-signatures. Being modern and proactive with these benefits will create the right impression among the ideal prospects.

Listen to What Others Have to Say

Continuous improvement is key, and you can progress by actively engaging with those on the frontline. Communicate with staff, managers, and all individuals connected to your housing property. They offer valuable insights on potential enhancements and identify issues they observe. Addressing these matters is crucial, as residents are likely to take notice of them.

Treating your staff well will also reflect on their conduct with residents. Offering them flexible work schedules and better benefits will attract top-tier employees. This will also help with retention, leading to a better service experience for the residents.

Aside from listening to your staff, stay transparent with your communication. Let them know about any plans and adjustments you want to make. Doing this goes a long way toward improving the experience of everyone running your affordable housing.

Educate Your Audience

Affordable housing communities, such as HUD, often face misconceptions that contribute to negative impressions. Some assume these places are associated with unruly behavior. In reality, many individuals choose affordable housing to save money. However, your audience may not be aware of this fact, so it's essential to take steps to clarify.

Residents in affordable housing are diverse individuals from all walks of life. By dispelling stereotypes, you can attract a more understanding audience. Engage with the community openly, conveying your support and increasing your digital presence to highlight the positive aspects of living in affordable housing.

Implement Sustainability Initiatives

The consideration of sustainability is crucial for residents evaluating property options. Creating sustainable properties signals long-term value and enhances their overall living experience. Affordable housing can offer high-quality options without compromising standards, accessible to property developers worldwide.

The focus lies in integrating value wherever possible. The key is to make the property appealing and foster positive community behavior. Additionally, transparent communication about your initiatives is essential. Keeping residents informed serves as a multifaceted advertising strategy, drawing in higher-quality residents for your company.

Factor in All Your Options

You don’t have to limit your options for residents with affordable housing. Implementing the digital experience will attract people who see the value of your property. The more you can implement these tips, the better it will be for your property.

However, this can be overwhelming, and you’ll need reliable property management software to help you. Software like ExactEstate is the solution you need. Learn more about what it can do by requesting a demo.

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