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Low-Income Housing Made Easy

For millions of Americans, moving into affordable housing is a milestone on the path to financial stability. ExactEstate should know, our story began by developing affordable housing property management software with the help of a few blended occupancy property managers. Our goal was to design the software to make it simple, easy to use, and efficiently manage your affordable properties (LIHTC, HOME, PBRA, PBV, Public Housing) within one platform. Our easy-to-use workflows and intuitive interfaces let you quickly define and update unit set-asides, buildings, income limits, rent limits, and utility allowances. Maintain a single system of record by attaching your HUD Contract directly to the property, and easily monitor compliance with enhanced reporting capabilities.

Work Order Management

Unlimited, Free Document Storage

With ExactEstate's extensive online document management and cloud-based file storage capabilities, your files are kept secure and you never run out of space for your documents. Need access on the go? No worries, you can login and download anything you need from your phone.

Looking for Blended Occupancy Property Management Software That Doesn't Lock You Down?

Blended Occupancy is a type of housing created when two or more financing sources are used to create one project. Day-to-day operations in your blended occupancy community are crucial, do you gather subsidies from the HOME Investment Partnerships Program (Home), Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program (LIHTC), Project-Based Rental Assistance Program (PBRA), Project-Based Vouchers Program (PBV), or Public Housing?

ExactEstate has you covered! We let you be your own Blended Occupancy Specialists (BOS) while providing all the tools needed to stay compliant and grow your business. With our system you will never be required to do workarounds just to get on with your day, if a solution is not already built out for your needs, we will customize it for you.

Work Order Management
Work Order Management

Need HUD TRACS Software Integrations?

In the rental industry, TRACS is an acronym that stands for Tenant Rental Assistance Certification System. HUD TRACS software is a web-based system that the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) uses to manage and monitor the progress of TRACS-related activities for their housing programs.

TRACS integration can save you time and money by simplifying the process of managing your HUD-assisted properties. ExactEstate's online TRACS integration with Shof Corp is the most user-friendly and efficient way to manage your properties.

ExactEstate property management software is designed to work seamlessly with the Tenant Rental Assistance Certification System, making it easy for landlords and property managers to stay compliant with HUD regulations while providing a better experience for tenants. It will also reduce the amount of time and effort required to manage TRACS-assisted properties.

Income Certification and Resident Renewals

A critical part of Compliance, income certification must be completed before move-in or renewing a lease. In ExactEstate, a simple click calls up the TIC (tenant income certification) form and prefills the fields with data from the tenant application, ready for submission. Fast. Easy. Done.

Resident Renewals are accomplished with a few clicks of a button.

Income Certification
Online Payments and Subsidies

Payments and Subsidies

It is a monthly chore: figuring out how to charge and collect subsidized transactions. If you are having to manually track tenant rent against subsidy/voucher payments, making sure all collections equate to the total lease price each month, there is so much room for error! With ExactEstate’s affordable housing property management software, a robust resident portal is included, and it not only tracks and stores your subsidy transactions, but it shows you in real-time how collections are categorized between subsidized amounts and tenant-paid amounts, ExactEstate does the hard work, not you, leaving no room for error.

Work Orders, Facilities, and Maintenance Management

Timely maintenance is critical to protecting rental properties' appearance, safety, reputation, and value. That is why ExactEstate provides a robust Resident Portal that makes it easy to file a work order, even from a mobile device. Behind the scenes, ExactEstate provides a customizable workflow for assigning and tracking each work order and its inventory and costs. Lost work orders? Not with ExactEstate, everything is online and available at your fingertips.

Work Order Management
Work Order Management

Comprehensive Reporting for Affordable Housing Management

ExactEstate empowers your affordable housing management with our robust reporting capabilities. Navigate compliance effortlessly with detailed reports covering Income Certification Overview and Demographics. From rent roll to daily reporting essentials, our platform equips property managers with the tools needed for streamlined and efficient operations in the dynamic affordable housing market.

"The other systems that we have used here at NuRock could take an hour just to post one property with subsidy payments. With ExactEstate, it takes three minutes. That cuts off a lot of time that I could be using in other departments. So I would say that the payment portion with ExactEstate supersedes any other software that we've used."

Becky Howell - President of Management | NuRock Companies
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All the Features You Need to Succeed with Managing your Affordable Housing Properties

You have access to all of these features right from the start.
Automatic Rent Generation

Seamlessly gather rental payments from residents using our Online Payment System.

Detailed Reporting

With 40+ detailed reports, from Rent Roll to AME Reports, ExactEstate has you covered!

Document Library

Save time by creating custom templates and housing files all in one place.

Customizable Dashboard

Visualize your data with a completely customizable dashboard

Advanced Searching

Search through applicants, residents, e-mail, phone number, virtually any data you have.

Automated Tasks

Never worry if late fees are being applied or if your staff is receiving crucial reports

Frequent Updates

We are always working to improve and streamline processes.

Property Marketing

Keep track of marketing leads and prospects.

Technical Support

Our team cares deeply about your success - we guarantee timely responses and world-class support.

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