Qualities to Seek in a Property Photographer
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Qualities to Seek in a Property Photographer

Property Management

Marketing for apartments and other properties involves more than just selling a place to rent.

You need excellent photos to show potential tenants what the property offers. That's why choosing the right photographer is vital, so make sure to look for certain qualities when selecting one.

But how can you do all of that, and should you hire a professional photographer? We’ll answer both questions and explore the best qualities to look for when selecting a photographer for your property.

Why You Need the Perfect Property Management Photographer

Let’s start with why you need a great photographer for your property.

Photos play an important role in how potential tenants perceive your business. High-quality photos will help market your property and make it stand out.

Here's how hiring the right photographer can make a difference.

Quality Photos Increase Property Visibility

The right photographs can make or break a listing. Good pictures draw people in and accurately represent what they can expect when they visit the property.

On the other hand, bad photos — or no photos at all — can cost you dearly in terms of missed opportunities. A skilled photographer will be able to take pictures that capture the essence of your property while still highlighting its best features.

They can show potential tenants or investors precisely what they are getting by choosing your rental or investment opportunity.

Professional Photography Will Attract More Tenants and Investors

When you hire a professional photographer, you’re not just getting someone who knows how to take good pictures.

You’re also getting someone who has an eye for detail and understands how to showcase your listing in a way that speaks directly to potential tenants or investors.

An experienced photographer will understand what images resonate with buyers and how best to showcase your property for maximum online and offline visibility.

Using a Property Management Photographer Builds Trust and Credibility

A professional photographer can also help build trust with potential tenants or investors by showing them that you are serious about showcasing your properties in the best possible light.

Great photography will show that you take pride in your business and care about accurately and professionally presenting each property, which builds trust with potential customers searching for their dream home or investment opportunity.

Plus, having high-quality photos will give people confidence that this investment is worth making!

Qualities of a Reliable, Professional Photographer

You’ve decided to hire a professional photographer. What qualities should you look for?

Property management marketing involves a lot of costs and effort — on top of managing other aspects of your properties. Ensure you're getting the best photographer for the job. Here are some qualities that make a great property management photographer.


When selecting a photographer, their experience should be at the top of your list. Look for someone who has previously worked with other real estate or rental properties.

They should have an eye for detail and be familiar with different angles to showcase each room in its best light.

A seasoned photographer will also know post-production processes like editing photos, which could help take them from good to great!

Quality Portfolio

A photographer’s portfolio should showcase the quality of their work. It should capture beautiful images that illustrate not only the beauty of your property but also its unique features and characteristics.

You want someone who understands how to capture wide-angle shots and close-up details that highlight what makes your property unique.

Ask prospective photographers if they have examples of similar properties they have shot in the past — this will help you figure out if they are up for the task!

Availability and Flexibility

You don’t want to wait weeks or months before being able to book a photographer for your property listing. You need one who is available whenever necessary and is flexible with timing.

They might not fit your needs if they have restrictions on when they can work or cannot meet tight deadlines due to other commitments.


Professionalism and good manners are essential for any successful business partnership.

When looking for a property management photographer, assess their personality and communication skills during the interview process.

You want someone who takes excellent photos, respects your time, listens carefully to instructions, and is eager to please!

Editing Process

As we said, a good photographer takes excellent pictures and knows how to edit them properly.

Editing can be as simple as color correcting and brightness adjustments or as complex as creating seamless panoramic images and virtual staging.

Look for someone who offers basic and advanced edits, such as:

  • Color correction
  • Cropping
  • Sharpening
  • Retouching

Ask potential photographers about their editing process; they should be able to explain what they do and provide samples of their work.

Clear Communication

The best photographers understand how important it is to communicate clearly with their clients.

From discussing the project goals before starting work to providing regular updates throughout the job, clear communication is critical to finding success.

Make sure whoever you choose is receptive to your ideas and willing to answer any questions you may have along the way.

Technical Skills

It takes more than just a good camera to make a great photograph; it also requires technical knowledge! Finding a photographer with technical skills means finding someone who knows how to use their equipment effectively and efficiently.

This includes understanding camera settings such as:

  • Exposure
  • ISO settings
  • Shutter speed
  • White balance
  • Composition rules such as the rule of thirds and leading lines

A good photographer can combine technical knowledge with artistic ability to create stunning photos of your property!

Reasonable Pricing

Finally, getting quality photography doesn’t need to break the bank!

Find out what other photographers charge for similar services in your area to get an idea of reasonable pricing.

You don't want to pay too much but also don't want too little either because this could mean compromising on quality images!

Also, look into any special offers or discounts that might help reduce costs further so that you can get beautiful photographs without breaking your budget!

Boost Your Property Management Marketing Campaign With ExactEstate

Now that you know what to look for in a property management photographer, you can confidently start your search! Be sure to ask lots of questions and get a portfolio of their previous work to ensure they are the right fit for you.

When you see the result, putting in the extra effort to find the perfect photographer for your project will be worth it.

And if you need help getting started or staying organized throughout the process, ExactEstate has your back.

More than just property management, our software is designed to make marketing your property a breeze — from managing campaigns to collaborating with professionals like photographers.

Schedule a demo with us today and see how we can help you streamline your property management marketing and drive results.

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