5 Proactive Ways to Improve Resident Retention in Senior Housing
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5 Proactive Ways to Improve Resident Retention in Senior Housing

Date Written: 11/18/2022

Last Updated: 11/18/2022


Senior Housing

Marketing to find new residents for senior housing is difficult — these homes have much smaller pools of potential clients than normal housing, after all. If you’d like to spend less time finding new tenants, however, you need to improve your resident retention rate. So, how do you convince your current tenants that they’ve found their forever home?

Keeping residents at a property isn’t as hard as it sounds. This article will discuss the five best ways to improve your current senior tenants’ quality of living and improve your tenant retention rates.

1. Invest in Your Staff

A great senior living facility will make an effort to train its staff and make sure that all residents are given the highest quality of care possible. To do this, you must nurture your staff so that residents don’t just find a sense of community in each other, but with those who care for them, too. After all, high turnover rates in staff often come hand in hand with that of residents, so it’s important to invest in your team and make them feel supported and valued. By ensuring that your staff has the resources, encouragement, and training they need, they’ll be able to do their jobs properly.

When you meet your staff’s needs and invest in their development, they’ll have the energy and skills to provide better care for your residents. Be sure to recognize the things they do — above and beyond their duties — and invite them to community events where they can engage and communicate with one another.

When you have a competent and capable team that provides friendly and individualized attention to every tenant, your residents will be able to build relationships with your staff. When residents feel that they are connected to your team, they will feel better cared for and be less likely to leave.

2. Create Ways for Residents to Socialize

Maintaining independence is important for aging seniors, but it’s also important for them to develop new relationships. Many seniors struggle with loneliness and depression after moving into senior care facilities, as they are typically separated from their families. If your tenants are lonely, they’re unlikely to hang around any longer than they have to. To encourage them to stick around, you should encourage them to connect with other residents.

Great senior care facilities encourage their residents to interact with other people in comfortable common areas. You can encourage them to use your common areas by filling them with desirable amenities and using them to host community events.

There are many types of events you can offer — these could be cooking classes, art clubs, book clubs, holiday celebrations, game nights, or even group meditation. You could even bring your residents to activities outside of your facilities so they can continue to engage with their communities.

3. Help them Live Active Lifestyles

Living a sedentary lifestyle is closely related to a number of ailments in the elderly, which is why it’s so important for each resident to get enough exercise. Working some physical activity into their schedules can decrease the risk of falls and slips while improving your residents’ wellbeing.

However, when you offer independent living facilities, all you can do is encourage tenants to exercise — so how should one go about this?

We highly recommend providing your residents with a variety of fitness programs for all abilities so all tenants will be able to join. These exercises and activities should be held at different times of the day to give residents more options and make these events as accessible as possible.

Some events you could hold include yoga classes, meditation groups, walking groups, swimming groups, or even healthy cooking classes. You could hold these events on-site or offer bussing services to nearby parks and facilities.

4. Provide the Best Dining Experiences

Another thing that you can do for better resident retention is to offer high-quality dining at your senior living facility. To do this, your dining room should be accommodating and comfortable, and the food has to be good.

You will need to accommodate all residents’ dietary restrictions while also ensuring that they all receive the nutrients they need. Poor nutrition can lead to depression, weight loss, as well as deficiencies in the immune system, making them vulnerable to common illnesses.

Serve a wide variety of meals and provide residents with plenty of options. At the same time, ensure that your cooking staff tailors their plans to every individual and meets their dietary and medical needs. This isn’t just medically necessary — it will also show your residents an individualized level of care that they’re sure to appreciate.

5. Maintain Entertainment and Leisure Services

A selection of entertainment and leisure services is a must to maintain a high quality of life for the seniors in your facility and keep them engaged, active, and eager for more. When trying to improve resident retention for senior living, don’t look for a one-size-fits-all solution. Everyone has different interests and hobbies, so these are likely to fail. The options you provide should be curated to suit the tastes of your seniors.

To learn more about their interests, make sure you take some time to speak to them and find out what they’d like to see you do. You can also analyze where your residents are congregating to see which parts of your senior home are helping to build a sense of community.

For example, even if you have a state-of-the-art pool, your residents may not be interested in swimming. This turns your pool into wasted space that no one will ever use. Instead, reprioritize your amenities to align with your residents’ demands. Adjust your budget to enhance the existing features in your facility that the residents already love.

This could include adding more games and puzzles in the recreation room, providing more books in the library, or getting a better selection of snacks in the kiosk. This will show residents that you’re looking out for their interests and needs, which will make them feel valued and ultimately improve your resident retention rates.


Listed above are just a few ways how you can improve tenant retention for senior residents aged 55 and older. By taking the above steps and always seeking to learn more about the senior care industry, you’ll be able to create a utopia for seniors that they will never want to leave.

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