The Top 10 Cities To Rent the Best Apartment
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The Top 10 Cities To Rent the Best Apartment

Date Written: 09/21/2022

Last Updated: 09/21/2022


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Renting an apartment is a phase in life that people go through when they’re not ready to become a homeowner just yet. However, that doesn’t mean that anyone needs to settle for something that’s of less quality than they deserve. It’s smart to find a living space that meets an individual’s standards. Choosing which city to live in plays a significant role in this. 

We’ve researched some of the top cities in which to rent the best apartment. We’ve considered several factors in creating this list, such as style, space, uniqueness, affordability, and more. Read on to learn about the top cities to find the best apartment for renting!

  • New York City, NY

New York City is certainly one of the top options on this list. As one of the most popular areas in the USA, New York is home to both exciting attractions and high-end apartments. NYC also brings variety to the table as it is home to some of the most historical apartments available for rent today. Some of the oldest buildings in NYC history, such as the buildings for the New York Telephone Company and the Bank of New York, have been renovated and transformed into beautiful, contemporary living areas. Tenants can expect high apartment rental prices when moving to NYC, but if they’re looking for a true luxury experience, then it’s worth the investment. 

  • Las Vegas, NV

Living in Las Vegas is as glamorous as it can get. As a city that is mainly known for its dazzling casinos and tourist attractions, Las Vegas offers high-quality, upscale apartments for a surprisingly reasonable price. According to, luxury studio apartments in Las Vegas can be found as low as is $775. The famous “Sin City” offers a wide list of high-end options for rentals, offering a comfortable and luxurious experience for tenants planning to enjoy the city’s various entertainment opportunities, family-friendly attractions, and nightlife long-term.

  • Chicago, IL

Looking for modern apartments that offer the full package and more when it comes to living amenities? If the answer is yes, then Chicago is the ideal place to rent the best apartment. Hunting for apartment rentals in Chicago presents tenants with many luxurious living spaces with a stunning view of the city’s skyline. People can take their pick between the standard 2 to 3-person apartment or go the extra mile by renting a penthouse. Many of the high-end apartment rentals in the area contain essential living amenities, such as washing machines and air conditioning. Many high-end options also include access to recreational areas like swimming pools and fitness centers. 

  • Warner Robins, GA

To find an apartment for renting that is centered on affordability, then Warner Robins is the best place to go. With national rental rates as high as ever, the demand for affordable apartment rentals is steadily increasing as well. The National Index has shown that, although the national rent growth has displayed little change, apartment rental prices are still quite high. Living in Warner Robins allows tenants to live comfortably without comprising affordability. The area was voted as the best place to live in Houston County in 2021. High-end apartments in Warner Robins cost an average of $1,005 for a 1,164 sq ft apartment. 

  • Pasadena, CA 

For those looking for a spacious apartment rental, then perhaps a loft apartment is ideal. Loft apartments have become popular in the real estate market due to their large spaces and modern aesthetics. Lofts are ideal for a solo tenant who is looking for rentals that offer a homey and comfortable vibe. They are wide enough to move freely but small enough to require only minimal furniture and appliances. Pasadena, CA, currently has the largest number of loft apartment rentals today. Pasadena’s rental market is composed of 66.67% loft apartments, giving tenants a wide list of unique options to choose from if they decide to move into the area. 

  • Boston, MA

Boston has some of the best apartment rental options for tenants that want a more historical and old-timey place to stay. Boston is considered the oldest renting city in the USA, offering vintage apartments that are still operating today. The oldest apartment for renting in the city is located on Sewall avenue and is over 140 years old. Their rustic vibe and vintage aesthetics are perfect for all tenants who are looking for an old-timey living experience in today’s modern society. 

  • Macon, GA

Are you a fan of movies and film? Then maybe you might recognize some of the apartments in Macon, GA. Macon is known as a popular filming area in the entertainment industry. It’s not uncommon for apartment rentals in Macon to be used in movies and shows, such as Need for Speed and the Vampire Diaries. Apartments in Macon are also home to crew and people who worked on famous titles, such as Black Widow and I, Tonya. For avid fans of media, then perhaps living in Macon, GA will provide a glimpse of their favorite shows and movies through its luxury apartments. 

  • Portland, OR

Micro-apartments are today’s proof that bigger isn’t always better. These unique tiny apartments have become a recent trend in real estate, offering small but modern living spaces that are ideal for solo tenants. They are also a good option for student housing, as they are often cheaper and contain just enough space for a single person to live comfortably. Portland is home to high-quality micro-apartments like The Arthur. The smallest apartment is around 193 sq ft. The average rent for micro-apartments or smaller studio apartments in Portland is around $1,322, as of 2020. 

  • Independence, MO 

Independence offers great options for tenants looking for spacious apartments. Whether they’re a solo tenant or a single-family, Independence is a good place to start looking for an apartment for renting. The average apartment in Independence offers 731 sq ft per renter and 2 bedrooms per renter, with an average apartment size of 826 sq ft. With that, Independence is considered a top option for renters who are looking for a comfortable living space. 

  • New Haven, CT

New Haven is another solid option for loft apartment rentals. The apartments in this area are modern with a slightly vintage edge, perfectly suitable for one of America’s oldest college cities. New Haven is composed of 45.22% loft apartments, offering the perfect balance between history and innovation through their homey living spaces.  For those into a more modern and upscale apartment for renting, then New Haven has also constructed new loft apartments for tenants to choose from. Some of the best areas to find these apartments are in downtown New Haven or on New Haven Green. 

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