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55 and Better Communities Are One of Our Specialties!

Older adults flock to senior living to escape home maintenance, get support with everyday household tasks, and feel safe. But they stay because they want to form new social connections, pursue hobbies, and remain active. The property manager's challenge is to meet all these needs without making it look hard. ExactEstate offers all the tools needed to create custom senior living property management software

Seniors using Resident Portal in ExactEstate
Seniors using Resident Portal in ExactEstate

Easy to Use Resident Portal

A common stereotype is that older adults are afraid of computers. But most are experienced at using mobile devices and might welcome the experience of using a Resident Portal to make payments, register guests, and place work orders. An easy-to-use resident portal is a central feature of ExactEstate's senior living property management software.

Work Orders

Timely maintenance is critical to protecting rental properties' appearance, safety, reputation, and value. That is why ExactEstate provides a robust Resident Portal that makes it easy to file a work order, even from a mobile device. Behind the scenes, ExactEstate provides a customizable workflow for assigning and tracking each work order and its inventory and costs. Lost work orders? Not with ExactEstate.

Seniors getting work orders for unit
Senior Reporting for Senior Living Management Software


ExactEstate provides 40+ predefined reports provided with ExactEstate. These reports are easy to customize. In addition, individuals can personalize the reports to meet their work goals.

All reports are based on live data, meaning no more waiting for weeks to get updates. With ExactEstate, the reports show the timely data you need to make fast decisions. Determining net profit for the quarter? No problem.

"It's a system that works, but it's a system that is also user friendly and works, and those are two very hard things to find any in a property management software"

Becky Howell - President of Management | NuRock Companies

All the Features You Need to Succeed with Managing your Senior Living Properties

You have access to all of these features right from the start.
Automatic Rent Generation

Seamlessly gather rental payments from residents using our Online Payment System.

Detailed Reporting

With 40+ detailed reports, from Rent Roll to AME Reports, ExactEstate has you covered!

Document Library

Save time by creating custom templates and housing files all in one place.

Customizable Dashboard

Visualize your data with a completely customizable dashboard

Advanced Searching

Search through applicants, residents, e-mail, phone number, virtually any data you have.

Automated Tasks

Never worry if late fees are being applied or if your staff is receiving crucial reports

Frequent Updates

We are always working to improve and streamline processes.

Property Marketing

Keep track of marketing leads and prospects.

Technical Support

Our team cares deeply about your success - we guarantee timely responses and world-class support.

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