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About NuRock

Georgia-based NuRock Companies is a property, construction, and management firm with 24 communities spanning Florida, Texas, and Georgia, ranging in size from 72 to 320 units. After trying other property management platforms, they've adopted ExactEstate to save staff time, better serve residents, and easily adapt to the needs of each community.

Becky Howell, President of NuRock Management, explains, "Our full focus mission is to take care of our residents, keep our properties full, and keep them maintained. That's what we strive to do on a daily basis."

Growing Business With ExactEstate
ExactEstate Property Management Software

NuRock's Journey with Property Management Software

NuRock researched property management solutions that allowed staff to complete administrative work faster and spend more time out with residents. They tried several software packages over the years but were still frustrated at the amount of time it took to complete work.

Processing payments, move-ins, and renewals still required several steps in the software, which kept staff chained to their desks. Some companies even changed features without warning.

While many property management tools claimed ease of use in their marketing, NuRock was still dissatisfied with the complexity and inflexibility such as customizing reports. They kept looking for a solution that truly streamlined their operations.

Why ExactEstate Was the Right Choice for NuRock

NuRock started using ExactEstate in late 2020 and rolled it out to all properties over the next few months. Switching to the new software was a snap. They simply uploaded a single CSV file with their account information, and there was no software to download and install.

ExactEstate's ease-of-use was a major bonus. As Ms. Howell notes, "You don't have to go through 50 different steps to get your move-in accomplished or to get a payment posted. It's very simplistic."

ExactEstate has given NuRock employees the freedom to get out of their offices and spend time with residents, helping solve problems and following up on marketing leads.

ExactEstate Property Management Software

"Those kinds of things that you're doing daily on a daily basis, there's not a lot of steps involved. That's a huge deal to us because then that gives [managers] the extra time to go follow up on their residents and work orders and to contact prospects."

Becky Howell - President of Management | NuRock Companies

Here are some features that made the difference for NuRock:

Easy Payment Uploads

Staff can process resident payments in a single step. For financial transactions, such as housing subsidies and water billing, ExactEstate allows them to upload a CSV file with all the transactions at once. Instead of spending time posting individual payments for dozens of residents, managers complete each property in a couple of minutes. Payments through ExactEstate are usually deposited in the bank account within 48 hours.


NuRock staff rely on reports that aggregate specific information, such as payment records, delinquency notices, or work orders. They can now configure any combination of data into a report with a few filter settings, so they never have to print out several reports and cobble them together.

Resident Portal Leads to Happier Residents

NuRock's customers love the Resident Portal where they can see upcoming bills, make online payments, and enter work orders. Ms. Howell has observed they particularly like the work order feature for its simplicity and convenience. "They don't have to wait on us to be in the office, or they can do it at midnight if they want to."

Omnichannel Access

Because ExactEstate is web-based, NuRock employees can respond to requests and get issue status from any mobile device. If residents want to pay their rent or have a problem, staff can help them without having to be in the office or in front of a computer.

Streamlined Marketing

In the past, NuRock staff had to collect marketing leads from their website and manually enter them into management software. But ExactEstate pulls the leads automatically so employees can follow up immediately and get the first-mover advantage for closing leads.

Role-Based Permissions

ExactEstate protects sensitive data, providing certain levels of access only to those who need it. For example, a resident's social security number is kept hidden from staff.

Compliance Checkpoints

NuRock requires move-in inspections prior to the physical move-in. The inspection has to be completed and logged into ExactEstate before the rest of the move-in can be processed. The checkpoints ensure that important steps are done for every transaction and prevent compliance infractions.

ExactEstate Property Management Software

ExactEstate Lives Up to the Promise

After years of frustration with software that wasn't easy to use and didn't save much time, the NuRock team is thrilled to find a solution that lives up to its promise.

From marketing to move-in, ExactEstate has provided the integrations, customizability, and streamlined interface that NuRock needed to get their property managers out of the office and into the community.

"[ExactEstate] would do everything in their power to make sure we got what we wanted. And that has truly been the case with everything we've asked them for."

Becky Howell - President of Management | NuRock Companies

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