How to Print Mass Recertifications

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How To Print Multiple Recertifications for Residents

To get started, first we need to navigate to the mass recertifications page. Click on "Mass Recerts." in the left-side navigation.

The "Mass Recerts." button is the first link in the Residents section.

When you are at the mass recertification page, enter in the Month and Year you would like to export. Click "Search" after you've made your selections.


After clicking "Search", a new dropdown and a table will appear. The table will be filled with the residents that match the criteria from your first selection. Select the type of recertification you want to export from the dropdown, and then click "Generate".


After clicking "Generate", an editor will be displayed at the bottom of the page. Here is where you can make adjustments to the letters as needed. Once you are ready to print the letters, press "Print Notice" found at the bottom of the page to print out all notices.

The Print Notice button can be found at the bottom of the page.
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