How to Edit Your Information on the Resident Portal

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How Residents Can Edit Their Information Through the Resident Portal

Residents are able to edit their profile from the resident portal. To navigate to the profile page, residents can click "Profile" from the navigation sidebar.


Contact Information

Residents can update their name, email address, and phone number from the first card in their profile.


Vehicle Information

Residents can also add, edit, and delete vehicle data from their profile.


Emergency Contacts

Residents can add, edit, and remove emergency contacts. To remove or edit an existing emergency contact, click on the name inside the "Emergency Contact" card. This will open the accordion and reveal the "Edit Contact" and "Delete Contact" buttons.


Automatic Payments

For a Resident to setup Automatic Payments, your system must have two things:

  • A Merchant Account linked to the property
  • "Accept Online Payments" set to enabled from the admin settings menu.

After creating your merchant account make sure you have added it to your property.

When the property has been setup, Residents can modify their automatic payment settings


Pets and Children Payments

Residents can not add children or pets from the resident portal. They must contact staff to have these items added.

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