How to Use Marketing Leads

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Marketing Leads

ExactEstate has utilizes in order to store generated leads into our system, and the process to enable this functionality is very easy.


First, you must have a marketing account and be live on the Network of services.

View the website.


Second, you must alter your property from System Setup to include IDs so our system can know to track the data.

Learn more about Editing a Property.

Please add the correct information as noted below. When you submit the form the data is saved to your Property.



Now contact ExactEstate support, so we can create an email address which you will add to the list of recipients for your generated leads. Once this is accomplished ExactEstate will store all generated leads in the page.

View your Leads

First go to the correct page from the main navigation as shown below.


Lead entry is automatic in ExactEstate now, once one the page you can view your leads as shown below. Please click the Options Cog to view the options for each lead.


And from there you are able to dismiss the lead, make it into a Prospect, or view the original email as shown below.


When you view the original email a pop-up modal appears where you can view the message as it was sent to your email inbox initially.

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