How to Set Preleased Application Back To Waitlist

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Set Preleased Application Back To Waitlist

Setting a preleased application back to waitlist can be done with a single click. This article will detail how to easily set a preleased application back to the waitlist in ExactEstate.

To return a preleased application to the waitlist, first first find the "Preleased" tab in the side navigation.

Selecting preleased link in ExactEstate
The "Preleased" link is middle link in the Applications section.

Find the applicant you are looking for. Click the cog icon () to bring up the options menu.

Selecting Occupy Unit link in ExactEstate
The options cog will display a pop-up of actions you can take

Select the "Set Back to Waitlist" option from the pop-up menu.

Selecting waitlist link in ExactEstate
The "Set Back to Waitlist" button will be the last in the pop-up menu

You have successfully set the preleased application status back to waitlist! You can find your application in the "Waitlist" section for applications.

Learn more about navigating the Application Waitlist.

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