How to Prelease An Application

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Pre-leasing An Application

The waitlist page allows you to prelease units to the applicants.

To prelease a unit, look at the "Preleasing" table found at the bottom of the page.

Preleasing Applications in ExactEstate
This table will show unoccupied units and units with a notice to vacate that are not already preleased.

Before you can prelease a unit, a Move-In Inspection must be created and completed first. To create a Move-In Inspection, click the next to the unit you want to prelease.

Starting Move-In Inspection for Preleased Application
You must complete a Move-In Inspection before you can prelease the unit

The next step is to enter the date of the move-in inspection. To do this, click on the Inspection Date field and enter the correct date.

Selecting the Inspection Date for a Move-In Inspection
Clicking on the 'Inspection Date' field will provide an easy to use date picker.

After putting in the inspection date, the next step is to complete the inspection locations. These are found beneath the inspection date, and each location requires a status and description to be completed.

Inspection Locations in ExactEstate
You must fill out the status and provide a description for each inspection location.

When you have set the inspection date and verified all the move-in locations, scroll to the bottom of the page and press "Create".

Creating a Move-In Inspection
Once you have filled out all locations, click on "Create"

You will now be able to pre-lease the unit to the applicant. Click on the prelease button in the table. This will take you to the final confirmation page.

Preleasing A Unit Property Management Software
The prelease button will only appear once you've created a move-in inspection.

Before finalizing the prelease, verify all the information on the prelease page. From here, you are also able to cancel the application, or change the selected unit.

Final Step for preleasing an application
The final step for preleasing an application. Ensure all data is accurate. section.

Once you've ensured everything is accurate, confirm the pre-leasing move-in date. Select the date in the "Move-in Details" card and press "Prelease".

Confirm prelease for an application
Once you have entered a Move-In Date, press "Prelease" to finalize the process.
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