How to Navigate the Waitlist

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Navigating the Waitlist

Applicants who have been approved by both management and compliance can be found on the waitlist.

To begin processing an application on the waitlist, first find the "Waitlist" tab in the side navigation.

Selecting waitlist link in ExactEstate
The "Waitlist" link is the third from the top link in the Applications section.

Find the applicant you are looking for in the Waitlist table. Click the cog icon () to bring up the options menu.

Selecting an application in the waitlist in ExactEstate
Selecting the cog icon will bring up the options modal

Select the "Prelease" option from the pop-up menu.

Selecting the prelease option for a waitlisted application in ExactEstate
Select 'Prelease' to begin the preleasing process.

You are now at the pre-leasing page! From here, you can review applicant information and prelease an available unit.

The main preleasing page for an application
You can review all applicant information from this page.
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