How to Export Mass Denial Letters (Management)

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How To Export Mass Denial Letters (Management)

To begin processing as management, click on the tab "Processing (M)" in the side navigation. This will take you to a table laying out all active applications.

Selecting processing management link in ExactEstate
The "Processing (M)" link is the second link from the bottom in the Applications section.

At the top right corner of the page, you will find the "Mass Denial Letter Print" button. Click on it to bring up the pop-up menu to begin processing applications.

Application Denial Letters Export in Property Management Software

To export multiple PDF's for application denials, you will need to fill out the date range of forms you want to export, as well as selecting which template you want to use for denials.

Denial Letters Export form for Property Management Software
Each field will need to be completed to generate your denial letters.

When you have filled out the fields, simply click "Generate Denial Letters" to create your needed PDF's.

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