How To Process An Application In ExactEstate

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How To Process An Application (Management)

Processing applications from the processing page is simple and straightforward. This page will detail the workflow for processing online applications.

Looking for processing compliance information? Learn about Compliance Processing.

To make a decision on an application, select an option from the "Current Overall Status" card. It is the card found in the top left of the page.

Selecting Decision For Application
The "Current Overall Status" is the top left card found on the page.

After making a decision, additional fields will show up based on your selection

Selecting processing management link in ExactEstate
Your options for Approved applications will always be the same.

If you selected 'Approved':

  • Deposit Amount: Here is where you enter the deposit amount
  • Move-In Requirements: Here is where you list any move-in requirements needed
Selecting processing management link in ExactEstate
The denial reasons you can choose from are set up during the on-boarding process.

If you selected 'Denied':

  • Decision Reason: Select the reason the application was denied.

When you have selected your decision, click "Update" to submit your decision,

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