How to Edit An Online Application

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Editing An Application

Editing applications in ExactEstate is quick and simple. This page will cover how to edit an application in ExactEstate.

To edit an application, we first need to navigate to the application we want to change. Click on the link "Dashboard" to be taken to the applications dashboard.

Editing Online Applications in ExactEstate
The "Dashboard" button is the second link in the Applications section.

If you know the specific name of the applicant, you can search for them using the Find A Person feature. Learn more about Find A Person.

When you are at the dashboard, select the cog icon (), and click "Application Actions". The Application Actions page is the control center for reviewing and modifying submitted online applications. The actions you are allowed to take on this page are dependent on the permissions your user has been granted.

Option Location for ExactEstate Applications
The options cog lets you take actions on a particular application.
Selecting Options for ExactEstate Applications
If you are unable to select Application Actions, it means you do not have permission to view applications. Please contact your administrator if this is the case.

Selecting this will take you to the Applications Actions page, where you will be able to review and edit applicant information. >To edit any section, simply click the corresponding section and then "edit".

Selecting Primary Applicant in ExactEstate
Clicking on any tab will show editing options.

Adding New Contacts

To add a new Co-Applicant, Emergency Contact, Co-Signer, Pets, or Children simply use one of the links found at the top of the page.

Actions for adding contacts can be found at the top of the page.
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