Custom User Permissions to Control Access to Your Property Management System

User permissions should be easy, we provide the benefit of customizing how user groups and individual permissions are assigned so you have complete control of user access throughout the system.

Group Permissions

Custom Group Permissions

Flexible and customizable permissions allow you to maintain the appropriate balance of collaboration and control, which gives you comfort that your company's data is secure and protected using ExactEstate. Customization is key. Custom User Groups are created and assigned with a few simple clicks so permissions can be assigned en masse to a group of users. Whether you need a Custom User Group for Maintenance, Security, or anything else; we have you covered!

  • Create custom User Groups so permissions can be assigned in mass.
  • Ensure only the right group of people have access to system data.
  • Forget about the complexity of individual user management!

User Management and Individual Permissions

Role-based access utilizing User Groups is not always the right option; sometimes you need to provide a user with special permissions individually, so they have enhanced access to the system. With ExactEstate, if you need to assign a user special system permissions outside of their normal User Group, we make that direct and easy!

  • Quickly allow or restrict individual user access to a page with the click of a few buttons
  • Ensure ExactEstate is used the way you want so business can continue in a stress-free environment
  • Individually assign any user, any permission not assigned through a User Group for complete control of your system.
User Permissions
User Group Permissions

System Security

Everything we have in our system is Permission Restricted! We have permissions for every page, every action, every event that is possible in ExactEstate, so rest assured that staff can only do what you allow, you have the control!

  • Permission restricted pages and actions.
  • Robust notifications of required permissions.
  • If additional permissions are needed, ask us and we will add them!
User Testimonial

Our property managers are saying that what they like about the system is that they can get in and do what they need to do and then go on about their day. They don't have to sit there and fight with the computer.

Becky Howell

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