Real-Time Property Management Performance Reports

Reporting is essential for any business. Get insights into critical data with reports such as Rent Roll, Unit Availability, AME Reports, and many others!

Property Reporting

Dynamic Property Management Reporting

In ExactEstate, modifying your reports is a breeze. Hide columns and setup filters to not only process the data how you want, but also export the data into Excel, PDF, or CSV as needed.
Don't need to see if units are section 8 for the rent roll report? No problem! Simply hide the columns you don't need, and export!
With access to over 40+ predefined detailed reports, you will be able to get the data you need instantly without having to manually create these reports yourself.


  • Cut down time manually compiling data by using one of our 40+ predefined reports.
  • All reports are based on live data, meaning no more waiting for weeks to get an update.
  • Export many reports at once using our time-saving group reporting feature.

Reports You Can Count On

With 40+ detailed reports, from Rent Roll to AME Reports, ExactEstate has you covered!

Rent Roll

Our Rent Roll provides detailed information about your properties and tenants.

Delinquent and Prepaid

At a glance look at all delinquent and prepaid accounts on your property.

Bank Deposit Summary

Examine a comprehensive report on bank deposits, with the ability to drill down into specifics by clicking through the report.

Late Fee Report

Get insight into current late fees, in addition to how many times a particular unit has been late.

Vendor Ledger Reports

Examine all transactions for each vendor. Filter by vendor, date, accounts, and batch numbers.

Income Summary

Look at an overview of the types of transactions and payments made for each property

Visualize Your Report Data

Want to see how many prospects and appointments you've received in the last month visually? Or maybe you need a quick overview of the status of pending prospect applications?
In ExactEstate, each user has their own completely customizable dashboard, allowing each member on your team the ability to see keep tabs on critical data relevant to them.


  • Keep important information readily accessible on your homepage for quick reference.
  • Your dashboard settings are saved in the cloud, meaning you can view it from any desktop or mobile device once logged in.
Property Dashboard
Automated Daily Reporting

Automated Daily Reporting

Some information is too vital not to keep tabs on. In ExactEstate, a comprehensive daily report is automatically sent out to the email list of your choosing, ensuring all key members are kept up to date on operations.


  • Have critical data sent without spending time and energy pulling the report.
  • Control who receives the report through an easy-to-use interface
  • Ensure you are looking at this data in a consistent manner.
User Testimonial

Instead of having to manipulate multiple reports, get information from one report or a different report, we can have it customized. So it's all on one report, easy to read, easy to deal with our residents at that point.

Amanda Furman

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