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ExactEstate provides a flexible, easy-to-use work order solution that is guaranteed to make both your staff and your residents happy.

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Work Order Management

Property Maintenance Your Way

Handling work orders quickly and effectively is an important aspect of property management, but here at ExactEstate we know no two communities are the same. Work orders in ExactEstate are completely customizable – Setup work order categories, locations and items needed for your properties.
Easily assign urgency to work order items to ensure the most important items are always taken care of first, ensuring your property maintenance workflow is always working smoothly.


  • Manage your properties effectively with work orders setup to your exact specifications.
  • Designate whether work order locations, categories, and inventory items should be shown to residents or staff only.
  • Ensure the highest priority issues are always resolved first by assigning different urgency statuses to work order items.

A Streamlined Work Order Management System

ExactEstate's work order system has a modern approach to managing items, engineered to save you and your residents time and headaches. Property maintenance in ExactEstate doesn't stop at creating Work Orders, we also help manage your inventory and purchase orders.
Creating, tracking, and closing work orders has never been easier.


  • Completely mobile friendly, meaning your staff and your residents can submit work orders wherever they are.
  • Generate and print detailed work order forms with a single click.
  • Keep the team informed with work order status's, letting you know if you are waiting for inventory or if an order has been canceled.
Work Order Management
User Testimonial

It's a system that works, but it's a system that is also user friendly and works, and those are two very hard things to find any in a property management software.

Amanda Furman

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