Collect Rent Online Effortlessly

Credit, Debit and ACH

Simplify Rent Generation with ExactEstate, make it easier to collect funds with automated charges and collections.

Online Payments

Tired of High Processing Fees?

We know processing fees are not fun, they reduce profit dramatically as many payment processors often add-on processing fees higher than 2.5%. At ExactEstate, we took this in mind and partnered with Swipe4Free in order to provide our clients the benefit of unmatched return on monthly Rent Generation and processing so you can keep the hard-earned money you collect from your Residents.

  • Keep 100% of Your Sales!
  • Customize surcharge pricing for in office and online payments.
  • Stop losing money during rent collection for using a service you already have a license for.

Automatic Rent Collection

Stop waiting for checks to arrive in the mail! Automate the process of Rent Generation and collect payments automatically with Credit, Debit or ACH using ExactEstate's Auto-Payment feature.

  • Collect online payments using debit or credit card.
  • Collect online payments with ACH Bank Transactions.
  • Schedule and automate recurring rent, add-on, and associated fee postings
  • Allow residents to quickly check their balances and submit online payments.
Online Rent Collection
Online Application Payments

Secure Online Payments

Automate charges for application fees, admin fees and deposit fees -- then securely accept online payments quickly and efficiently using ExactEstate. End-to-end encryption ensures payment information is kept secure and away from prying eyes.

  • Accept online payments securely from anywhere.
  • Ensure all fees due before move-in are satisfied prior to occupying a unit.
  • Customize your own convenience fee for processing payments
User Testimonial

The other systems that we have used here at NuRock could take an hour just to post one property with subsidy payments. With ExactEstate, it takes three minutes. That cut off a lot of time that I could be using in other departments. So I would say that the payment portion with ExactEstate supersedes any other software that we've used.

Amanda Furman

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