Increase Productivity with an Automated Property Management System

Manage end-to-end transactions and cut operational costs. With ExactEstate’s customizable platform, your team gets more done in less time.

Organize Your Team's Workflow With Tasks

Get more done in less time, so that you can stay focused on what really matters – your residents! Reduce interruptions across your team with ExactEstate's Task Feature. Our task system allows users to assign and be assigned tasks needing to be completed at an Apartment Community or Property, keeping important items in front of your team while reducing distractions such as e-mails or calls.
Keep your team in sync, and ensure your team never misses important tasks with ExactEstate’s easy-to-use task system.


  • Assign and prioritize Tasks, Create Reminders, add Comments all at a glance.
  • Write comments on the task directly to keep all information in one location.
  • Manage the work you and your team need to complete - the way you want.
User Tasks
Personal Reminders

Never Miss A Deadline With Personal Reminders

Spend less time tracking and organizing your schedule and more time taking care of business.
Property managers are responsible for a lot and without proper planning important items can slip through the cracks.
Each user in ExactEstate has the ability to set private time-based Personal Reminders with a few simple clicks, to ensure that the information you need to see is in front of you when you need it.


  • Ensure you and your team always follows through on important commitments.
  • Integrated with Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook Calendar, keep your calendars in synch with ExactEstate with a single click.
  • Access your reminders on-the-go with ExactEstate's mobile-friendly design.
  • Keeps your workflow fast and efficient with a simple easy to use interface.

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Man Scheduling Prospect Appointments

Schedule Appointments For Prospects

Gone are the days of messy scheduling and double booking. Scheduling appointments plays a vital role for property managers, so we have made sure to make the process of setting up and tracking appointments easy.
Whether you like to see your appointments listed in a table or in a calendar, we include several ways to display your upcoming appointments.


  • Keeps the team up-to-date on all appointments.
  • Visualize a properties appointments with a single glance at the appointment calendar.
  • Keep track of no shows, cancellations, and closed appointments to stay informed of your prospect activity.
  • Integrated with Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlooks Calendar, duplicate your appointments into your own personal calendar with a single click.
User Testimonial

We do our own water billing in house and for every property that does water billing that is a simple upload. That is a huge feature that we like, because it's not a difficult process. It takes three minutes instead of 20 minutes per property, which is great.

Becky Howell

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