Document Management Reimagined: Cloud-based Property Management Filing System

Document creation and management should be intuitive, use ExactEstate to securely store documents, or build your own from scratch!

Online Document Storage

Access your Online Files Anywhere

ExactEstate's Document Management System enables Property Management Companies to utilize an online file system for their properties where access is available at the click of a button. No VPNs required, enjoy the benefit of managing your files with zero hassle!


  • Store Marketing Files to seamlessly provide staff access to updated materials for lead generation.
  • Store Compliance Documents so your staff always abides by up to date regulations.
  • Quickly access and download online files from anywhere!

Reduce Expenses with Online Files

ExactEstate allows files to be stored for any resident previously or currently living at a Property. With this functionality, your staff can quickly and easily track down uploaded applications, leases, contracts, and agreements which reduces potential expenses associated with manual document handling as well as the potential for lost or damaged files.


  • Track signed Lease Agreements in a single secure location.
  • Upload signed Applications so they never get misplaced again
  • Provide historical access to any document or file needing to be stored for future access.
Online Resident Files
Online Application Files

Secure Document Storage

End the worry of keeping track of secure application-related files while you are going through the application process, track them in ExactEstate with a few button clicks and get back to more important tasks at hand. Without permission, nobody can access the documents stored in your system.


  • Upload income certification proof and manage secure employment verification documents.
  • Remove outdated file cabinets from the office; lock documents with a user account, not a key.
  • Rest calmly, knowing everything you need is securely at your fingertips!

Want to build your own Documents?

Often users have the need to build custom documents to use such as; marketing material, notifications, and late notices to name a few. Employ the power of ExactEstate and opt for the benefit of being able to create your own documents from within our software using our easy-to-use Document Builder.

Online Document Builder
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