Custom Property Management Features to Fit Your Business

Transparency, Efficiency, Customizability – ExactEstate brings employees, owners, and residents together with integrated communications, effortless transactions, and custom-fit reporting.


Get an Innovative, Uniquely Customized Product

At ExactEstate, we know that no two businesses are exactly the same, so it makes sense for you to seek software that meets your unique needs. We've developed our system to meet your requirements in such a way allows you to take the driver's seat and customize nearly all aspects of ExactEstate based on your specific Business Goals.

Increase Your Return On Investment

The benefit of ExactEstate's push into customizable software is that many companies are hesitant to invest in custom software due to cost; it is normally much easier to "make-due" with off the shelf options to save on fees. This is not an issue with ExactEstate, our key is customization and we offer options for custom styling, system settings, user access and reporting just to name a few.

Increase ROI with custom property management software
Improve Productivity and Employee Drive with Property Management Software

Improve Productivity & Employee Drive

Personalized Property Management Software makes learning the system much less challenging as it allows company employees to decide how they would like to view the content in ExactEstate. Employees may also be more driven to complete their responsibilities when they have the personalized software to support their job needs, and when employees are more productive and driven, they'll inevitably complete their tasks at a faster rate without reducing quality.

User Testimonial

The customization that they have, not just in one report, but every report that is available, it makes our reporting at corporate and with our manager simple.

Becky Howell

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