7 Social Media Posting Ideas for Multifamily Apartments
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7 Social Media Posting Ideas for Multifamily Apartments

Date Written: 09/12/2022

Last Updated: 09/12/2022


Multifamily Housing

The way property owners manage and promote multifamily apartments has drastically changed due to the integration of technological advancements into their operations. There is now multifamily apartment property management software that can help in reviewing tenant applications and gathering rental payments. There are also different rental listing sites that can help in finding new tenants.

Another notable tool that property owners can try to promote their multifamily apartments is social media. According to Statista, at least 82 percent of the entire U.S. population has at least one social media account. With the massive number of active users these sites have, it has become an effective tool to reach a wider audience and make it easier for possible tenants to find vacant multifamily apartments.

However, due to its popularity, almost all multifamily apartments have their own social media pages. To make yours stand out, you need to create engaging and useful content that catches the attention of social media users. This can help boost followers, engagement, and traffic, resulting in a faster way to fill in vacancies.

Here are some of the 7 social media posting ideas for multifamily apartments you should try:

New Listing Posts

One of the best apartment social media marketing ideas is new listing posts. After all, you never know when a new tenant may come, which is why along with having property management software like ExactEstate in place, you should also post about new listings as soon as possible. It’s a good idea to pin new listing posts on top of your page, so it’s the first thing people see when they visit your account.

To make sure that it will really captivate the attention of potential tenants, add professional-looking photos to the listing. Don’t just add any photos. Make sure that all shots are of high quality. This will help in ensuring that potential tenants will inquire about the vacancies.

Hacks and Tips

Sharing practical tips on social media has been a strategy used by different companies to catch the attention of social media users and to increase engagement. If a user finds a tip interesting or useful, it is likely that they share it on their own pages. This allows for your post to reach a wider audience, which may increase your followers.

To maximize the potential of this social media post idea, research unique tips that are relevant to your audience. It could be about organizing, cleaning, cooking, or anything else that may be appealing to social media users. Just make sure to keep them short and straightforward.

Resident Testimonials

One of the best ways to make your multifamily apartment seem like a desirable place to live in is through resident testimonials. Who else can testify how pleasant and comfortable your apartment is other than those people who actually live in it.

Through the stories or feedback of current residents, you can build trust with potential tenants. This can help them see your property as a potential new apartment they can call home.

If you want to make your multifamily apartment testimonial-worthy, our ExactEstate software is only a click away. Set up a demo today to see how ExactEstate can streamline your applications and enhance your and your tenants’ experiences today. 

Relevant News and Information

Make your business a credible source of information. Share relevant news and other pieces of information that your followers will find interesting.

The goal is that they engage with the content. That’s why make sure that the relevant news and info you post are share-worthy. They could be anything that is related to the rental properties or the community you belong with.

Local Events in the Community

If you want to promote your multifamily apartment, you should not just focus on your property — you must also hype the community you belong with. Potential tenants will also be a part of that community in case they decide to move in, so make sure that it will sound desirable for them. This makes it among the best social media posting ideas for multifamily apartments,

To do this, post all local events in the community. If the community has events that match the lifestyle or personality of potential tenants, it will improve the possibility that they inquire about potential vacancies in your property.

Engaging Video Content

Having video content mixed into your feed ensures that your followers and other social media users remain engaged with your posts. You can start this idea by doing video tours of vacant apartment units. This gives potential tenants an immersive preview of what the space looks like, even without physically visiting the property itself. 

Video content is more convenient to consume and encourages higher engagement. That’s why it’s not surprising that about nine out of 10 marketers believe that it is an important part of their strategies.

You can try to make video clips for the other ideas we mentioned above as well. For example, you can videotape current tenants to get their testimonials. You may also share a news clip instead of just sharing an article. 

Memes and Humor Posts

When it comes to apartment social media marketing ideas, virality is important. What’s a faster way to get people’s attention than posts that can make them smile or laugh? By sharing memes and humor posts, you will not just catch the attention of social media users, but you will also urge them to share those posts for their connections to see.

The memes or humor posts you can share can be anything. Although, it would be awesome if you can come up with posts that are relevant to your brand and audience. Either way, the goal is to get people’s attention and boost engagement, so try what you think will work better.

Take Advantage of Current Technologies

The use of social media has become so popular for different businesses belonging in various industries. In fact, more than 88% of brands believe that social media is an important part of their marketing strategies. The best thing about social media is that you can use them for free. You don’t have to spend a single dollar just to post a new listing or any other type of post. Unless you want to utilize their paid options, you can use these platforms absolutely free.

Moreover, if you really want to take advantage of current technologies, you should also consider getting multifamily apartment property management software such as ExactEstate. This kind of software will allow you to instigate a quick application process, conduct online screening, automate rent generation, and many other features that will help in your operations.

Set up a free demo with ExactEstate and discover how we can help you succeed in managing multifamily apartments.


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